vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Continuer La Danse?

Je ne peux plus le supporter.
Cette distance, cette apparence.
Tu attends trop de moi. Et voilà le mur!
Pas de surprise, hein?
Maudit le sang qui n'est pas le même,
maudite moi-même.
N'avoir pas le droit de s'approcher,
ne rien pouvoir demander.
Y auras-t-il une chance
pour continuer cette danse?

Soundtrack: Blue Melody - Tim Buckley

Well I was born a blue melody
A little song my mama sang to me
It was a blue melody
Such a blue
You've never seen

There ain't no wealth
That can buy my pride
There ain't no pain
That can cleanse my soul
No just a blue melody
Sailing far away from me

One summer mornin
I was raised
But I don't know
One summer morning
I was left
But I don't know
One summer morning
So all alone

Late in evening
I'll sing in your dreaming
Down from the mountain
Along with the breezes
So close inside
Love grew smiles

So if you hear that blue melody
Wont you please send it home to me
Its just my
Blue melody
Callin far away to me